The german soundartist e.stonji is full of contrasts. Playing around with strange noises and melancholic pop-stylistics. He is no drum'n'bass artist, (but there are some songs which seem to fit into that genre), nor a typical elektronica or IDM producer. The "broken ep" on phantomnoise records is the first experience in that wide range. E.stonji works with artists like Hans Platzgumer (hp.stonji) and idm-labels like heimelektro-ulm, skam, spezialmaterial and lots more. A speciality is also that he is programming own soundapplications to achive some kind of freedom and don't be locked into the known audioapplications. Perhaps, this is the prescription to that fresh new kind of sound. the newest arrangement with phantomnoise records is the hp.stonji remix EP (PNR011), with remixes by LXC, Mimaku Spldat and Thee Vaporizer

1 12" broken ep phantomnoise 005
2 12" charlotte ep sendertechnik 006
3 track all.t.stpd.thngs (plus piano salut) Dhyana Records 056
5 track nse.ptch invasion wreck chords 023