Trash Tapes

Trash Tapes is the Sub-Label of Phantomnoise Records

In fact, it has been started some years before!

Trash Tapes is the label for self-released tapes created by Alex Dee and his friends.

In the late 1994 Alex Dee (founder of Phantomnoise Records) self-released his first tunes on a C-90 tape, copied it to several blank tapes and gave it to around 20 friends.

Thats the way for all the first 10 releases by Alexdee, A.S.T., Dj Inapt and several close friends of that time.

There where no official catalog numbers for the first three tapes, everything started with 004.

Some releases were re-issued on CDr

Year Artist Title Catno
1995 aleXdee 2 Faces Of My Music Trash Tapes 01
1996 aleXdee La Nuit Bleue Trash Tapes 02
1996 aleXdee Mix-Tape Trash Tapes 03
1996 Amiga Squawk Tones Gesellschaftstanz Part 1 Trash Tapes 04
1996 Amiga Squawk Tones Gesellschaftstanz Part 2 Trash Tapes 05
1996 Amiga Squawk Tones Nineteen Ninety Motherfucking Sickz Trash Tapes 06
1997 Inapt, Shatter, Ravana Mix-Tape Trash Tapes 07
1997 Amiga Squawk Tones Xtremely Wired And Totally Gaga Trash Tapes 08
1997 aleXdee Wer Sich Wehrt, Ist Lebendig Trash Tapes 09
1998 Various Artists Trashin - Awful Sounds And Chaotic Beats Trash Tapes 10
2001 Inapt Inaptology Part I Trash Tapes 11
2001 Various Artists Don't Forget Where You Are From !!! (Extracts Of Trash Tapes 1-7) Trash Tapes 12
1999 Worlds Ab-Art Wasted Trash Tapes 13
1999 aleXdee New Time, New People, New Technology, New Enemies Trash Tapes 14
1999 Various Artists Out Of Step With The World Trash Tapes 15
1999 Fastfoot The Antagonist Trash Tapes 16
1999 CPUWAR SHIT==GOOD Trash Tapes 17
1999 Worlds Ab-Art / Society Suckers / Fastfoot / Inushini / Geroyche / Wintermute Worried Live Trash Tapes 18
1999 Hagbard Celine / Xotox S√ľnde Trash Tapes 19
2000 Various Artists Do You Think It's Cool, To Be A One Men Scene?! Trash Tapes 20
2000 Pestcore Vs. Bufo Buffo Split Trash Tapes 21
2000 aleXdee / Completely Fucked-Up Society Split Trash Tapes 22
2000 aleXdee S.N.A.F.U. Trash Tapes 23
2000 Hagbard Celine vs. Xotox You Are Too Late! (Why Can't We Ever Be In Time?!!?) Trash Tapes 24
2001 Various Artists Don't Forget Where You Are From Trash Tapes 25
2001 DJ Inapt Schlachtwerk 3000 Trash Tapes 26
2000 Mainline Chatter Bleedthrough Trash Tapes 27
2000 Stunt Rock This Whole Fucking Scene Is Growing Tired... And So Am I. Trash Tapes 28
2000 Doctor Butcher M.D. Musical Deviate Trash Tapes 29
2001 Various Artists Germans Don't Know What Freedom Is. And If They Knew They Wouldn't Fight For It. Trash Tapes 30
2001 aleXdee Mix For Radio FSK Hamburg Trash Tapes 31
2001 Skelton 93 vs. Tremor Split Trash Tapes 32
2001 LXC Live 2001 Trash Tapes 33
2002 Mimaku Spldat The Origin Of The Vomitory Trash Tapes 34
2002 Schutz Gegen Licht Mix Session III/2K2 Trash Tapes 35
2003 Dreadmore & Matt Demmon Trash Tapes 36 Trash Tapes 36
2003 LXC The Rise Of LXC Trash Tapes 37
2006 Various Artists Electric Eclectic Extracts Trash Tapes 39