Current Value

if people talk about drum n bass out of germany, the name current value appears automatically, as someone who influenced many ears and feet all over the planet and always kept and developed his very own style. after releases on 'don q', 'position chrome', 'klangkrieg' and a few others, current value stops at 'phantomnoise records' and drops another unmistakable 12" EP in autumn 2003.
current value, who lives in berlin/germany, started with electronic music in 1992 after he had a classical piano education for over 6 years. after first appearences in local radio stations in 1997, he started with live acts all over europe followed by his first vinyl releases on 'don q' and 'position chrome', this first but great records market a brilliant start, many great and timeless (yes we talk about drum n bass) releases hit the dancefloor until now and more will be added.

1 12" Falling into it/Subsonic don q 12
2 12" Creative Robot/Solution position chrome 022
3 12" Skybreaker/TS Overdose position chrome 023
4 12" Bassriot/Untitled Master position chrome 032
5 12" Vortexual Steppaz Vol.1 vortex 01
6 12" 4.09 ep phantomnoise 007
7 full length Frequency Hunt position chrome 028
8 full length Seeds of Mutation position chrome 037
9 full length In a far Future position chrome 048
10 full length Beyond Digits klangkrieg 008
11 track imagination don-q lp02
12 track bass vibration rmx don-q lp02
13 12" Autobahn EP (techno) autist 02
14 12" remix edition vol.1 (techno) autist 03
15 12" ostgut/so36 (techno) simon dach 01
16 12" Curve EP (techno) autist 0?