Looking back on 7 1/2 years of aleXdee means thinking about good and bad times, like life itself is, too. Now in the last days of 2001 i can say everything was worth the trouble. I still have ideas and still some goals...and of course enough rage inside. The whole shit started in summer 1994 with only a Amiga 600 and the fucking protracker, the next best thing was to give that shit a name, that`s the way *aleXdee* was born. The next 12 month were filled with hours and hours of frustrated tries to sound like i wanted it...but never reached that goal until today..later i realized: if i`ll do i could stop making music in that way...In 1995 i started to realese the earliest shit of the shit on tape, that`s how *trash tapes* was founded. I started spinning records and playing live and i also could infect some friends with the ***-core virus, like Pro-Test, Skelton 93 and Inapt. Thats the way everything went until 1998. That year brought some news for me, i met Eiterherd, he released the first vinyl record of aleXdee and arranged the first gig outside germany (in austria). In 1999 Phantomnoise records was born and thinking about the name *aleXdee* started...but to late for changes eh..thats how trademarks are born. The rest of *the story so far* is known, if not..arrange some interviews.
alexdee 12-29-2001
the other history is the one of A.S.T the project of aleXdee & pro-test
Together we (*Pro-test* and *aleXdee*) founded *Amiga Squawk Tones* in 1996. *A.S.T.* was our main project, we only did gigs as *A.S.T.*, in fact we weren`t able to do live gigs alone (an Amiga problem of that time because of ... no harddisk). At the end of 1997 *A.S.T.* and a band called *Deine Mutter* moved into a practice room, but to be onest the most time we had parties instead of practice sessions. After only two months *Deine Mutter* broke up. *A.S.T.* changed into a *real* band *Skelton 93* (drums), *Pro-Test* (bass), *aleXdee* (guitar) and *Dixi* (vocals). We practiced hard at that time, but there were differences between all members, so *Skelton 93* and I left the band. *A.S.T.* was dead, after two years, four tapes and some dreadful gigs (4 I guess). The other members went on with the band together with other members. Today they exists under the name *THE SCUTS*. The guy known as *Pro-Test* now plays guitar. In spring 2001 we dicided to reanimate the A.S.T. project, because we liked the idea doing shit together again. yeah and in spring 2002 we quite for the next 23 years

1 full length aka A.S.T. gesellschaftstanz pt.1 trash tapes 04
2 full length aka A.S.T. gesellschaftstanz pt.2 trash tapes 05
3 full length aka A.S.T. ninteennintymotherfuckingsickz trash tapes 06
4 full length aka A.S.T.:completely wired and totally gaga trash tapes 08
5 track aka A.S.T.: some trax trash tapes 12
6 track aka A.S.T.:??? riot rules tape sampler???
7 12" aka A.S.T.: love, peace and harmony 96- 98 phantomnoise 003
8 full length 2 faces of my music trash tapes 01
9 full length la nuit bleue trash tapes 02
10 mix mix tape trash tapes 03
11 full length wer sich wehrt, ist lebendig! trash tapes 09
12 track I have no fear trash tapes 10
13 track Eindringen (with Skelton 93) trash tapes 10
14 track some trax trash tapes 12
15 full length new time, new people, new technology, new enemies ?! trash tapes 14
16 track still learning trash tapes 15
17 track some live recordings trash tapes 18
18 track give us 3 min. (with Skelton 93) trash tapes 20
19 split 7 tales of trash (with Completely Fucked UP Society) trash tapes 22/guerteltier tapes
20 full length S.N.A.F.U. trash tapes 23
21 12" Wer sich wehrt, ist lebendig! widerstand records 007
22 track suicide pt. 666 phantomnoise 001
23 track Eindringen (with Skelton 93) phantomnoise 001
24 track ??? riot rules records sampler
25 track ??? scrotum records sampler
26 track media break dhyana records 28
27 track we are going to kick ... neuf noir records 18
28 track aktivisten der faschisten, werden wir fisten cold coffeine addict records 01
29 track There is nothing... phantomnoise 002
30 track Rush phantomnoise 002
31 track we can`t get right with everyone appareil 04
32 track we can`t get right with everyone bad taste 19
33 mix tt 31 mix trash tapes 31
34 track Still having rage inside trash tapes 30
35 track drogen ueber satelit remix (orginal by endearment) endearing records 02
36 track for o.s. sozialistischer plattenbau
37 split aka hagbard c.:S√ľnde (with Xotox) trash tapes 19/neuf noir records 13
38 split aka hagbard c.:Leipzig vs. Jena (with TREMOR, Sterbende Welt) cold coffeine addict 11
39 split aka hagbard c.:why can't we ever be in time (XotoX) trash tapes 24
40 track aka hagbard c.:another track with no sense phantomnoise 002
41 track aka hagbard c.:Minimal mindfuck (aleXdee RMX) dhyana records 32
42 full length aka hagbard c.:FreeCore The History smell the stench tapes
43 track workingtitle bernd (g3 mix) dhyanarecords 50
44 track you know invasion wreck chords 019