Phantomnoise Records was founded in late 1998 by Alex Dee, who is active in the worldwide underground networks since 1994.

The intention to set up the vinyl label Phantomnoise was, and still is, presenting various not easy to place electronic music.

That includes the freedom of working without some of these strange micro-genre pseudo codes.

Although all current releases of Phantomnoise Records may be categorised with the term post-breakcore and related, this is no rule!

Speaking of breakcore in the Phantomnoise manner, it's more the way of thinking, not the music some people associate with.

But in fact also so called Breakcore music was our biggest influence on our way to aestheticise freedom and millions of possibilities to approximate to other music styles, but in any case without obligation to fit!

After inventing the term Fakecore in 2003, Phantomnoise now has its own style, which means nothing to the inventors, but obviously much to many others.

In October 2004 Phantomnoise was the very last Label of the month (together with Mash It Records!) chosen by John Peel, who sadly died some days later.