LXC, one of the so called inflexible guys from leipzig (germany), is working on electronic sounds somewhere between the hate-love drum&bass and dispersing experiments with all kinds of noises for almost 10 years now.
Among others LXC is responsible for the strukturbruch party series in leipzig and is looking after his label alphacut records, which finally lifted off early 2003. You can find his releases on alphacut, phantomnoise, santorin and trash tapes, some more vinyl stuff and others will be added. The impatient audience experienced the loaded "post jungle", "neck breaks" or "fakecore" live pa by lxc in summer 2003 during the fakecore tour all over europe. Surely the future won't be silent!

2001 LXC Live 2001
2002 LXC Strukturbruch EP
2003 LXC The Rise Of LXC
2004 Thetaphi / LXC Rainbow Stout / The Most Important
2004 LXC Rave Is Back
2005 LXC We Have To Hold Apart
2006 LXXXC / Tlic Three Four Bit Bits / Reflect
2007 Alpha Omega / Sumone / LXC Alphacut 007
2009 Arrebite Feat. Diamondog / LXC Dubcore Volume 8
2010 Karl Marx Stadt / LXC Spacefuck
2010 LXC Teh Lyz(w)erk 45
2012 LXC / Senses I Know U / Rodney's Choice
2013 Dubmonger, LXC & The Untouchables Dread This Land
2014 LXC Eleven Eleven
2020 LXC Cyanz / How Bleep Is Your Dub
2012 LXC Lyzerk (Noisy Junkfood Acidized Mix)