Inaptology Part I


Inaptology Part I

Trash Tapes 11

In January 1999 Inapt presented Inaptology PT.1 his first full length C-60 tape in a special package with a lot of picture shit and stuff. He recorded a lot of trax in a lot of styles, from Noise to Drum`n`Base, so you had to search for the trax you may like. *French Kiss* a track from this tape is released on PHANTOMNOISE 001 ··· -CORE EP 1.

Now re-released by COLD COFFEINE ADDICT RECORDS (Germany)
tape released 1998

A1 Intro 0:06
A2 Tribute To The Good Old Techno Times 4:16
A3 The Little Kick Inside 5:16
A4 French Kiss 3:24
A5 Activate 3:04
A6 Hardcore Halt 5:38
B1 Einmal Immer Nacht Für Nacht 5:42
B2 Inaptology 5:31
B3 Stück Seife 5:05
B4 Reality 5:37
B5 Krankenwagen 5:03
B6 Outro 1:39