Rave Is Back E.P.


Rave Is Back E.P.

PNR 010

We did It. Phantomnoise 10 is out since 13th 09 2004. When Phantomnoise started it 1998, I didn't thought we'll make it to double-gigit catalogue numbers. LXC was to one to ask for it, he really gave some worth trax for it "rave is back" & "rave is back again" and 8 locked grooves in his typical vain but stranger. Hard to describe, just give it a listen. Its Jungle for sure, but not comparable to stuff you may listen back in "jungle times", nor to the stuff they call "oldschool" today. last drum n bass record on last green fluorescent vinyl ever, just for you and us. thanks to everybody on our way... looking forward to the next 10 PNRs.

A1 Rave Is Back
A2 Locked Groove 1
A3 Locked Groove 2
A4 Locked Groove 3
A5 Locked Groove 4
B1 Rave Is Back Again
B2 Locked Groove 5
B3 Locked Groove 6
B4 Locked Groove 7
B5 Locked Groove 8

LXC Rave Is Back