Matkoe Shamou

Thee Vaporizer

Matkoe Shamou

PNR 009

after releases on Jetlag Records, Robo Records and ZOD Records. The Vaporizer enters the Phantomnoise universe. We think this was a very good idea, because it fits just perfect. his brilliant mixture between so called IDM and the other "so called" style Breakcore, sounds just like another anti-definition of "our" anti-manifesto > ...yeah! but what does that mean anyway?

totally crazy former amenbreaks over some of the smartest strings and melodies we've heard for a long time plus some funny video game sounds on top. some words about the strange name. :-) like many of our nice artists, Mr. VAPORIZER likes pets, too and his one is called "Shamou". the other silly word "Matkoe" mean something like: "a lazy stoned cow who likes to sit on carpets". This is exactly what the most musicians are, too... lazy stars.

A1 Brekkit-D 3:47
A2 Dsp Anthem 2:06
A3 Krunchnd 3:28
A4 Lullebaaaaai 2:53
B1 Yersibluedout 3:33
B2 Yplips 3:27
B3 The Rip Van Winkle Effect 3:57
B4 Precognised Bum Factor 3:49

Thee Vaporizer Matkoe Shamou