Strukturbruch EP


Strukturbruch EP

PNR 004

PNR 004 is the first vinyl release of LXC, after having some tape/cdr/dubplate output. It can't be discribed with 2 or 3 words, naming typical styles, but there is no doubt, that the Drum `n´ Bass crowd may say it is to dirty, to hectic & un-danceable...well at least the cut is ok. The lovers of avant-garde breaks and breakcore will say it is to much normal Drum `n´ Bass, to less trash and fucked up exaggeration with noise and stuff...maybe both are's the processing of the "Strukturbruch" idea! side A features a 8 min long dancefloor track, with cool and interesting breaks and a very deep bass, side b starts with a more fucked up track with really nerving synth sounds on top, followed by 4 loops and a short breakcore or whatever track...all in all..sofisticated rave or something like this..decide for yourself...

A1 Corebreaker 7:48
B1 Eko 8:09
B2 Untitled
B3 Untitled
B4 Untitled
B5 Untitled
B6 Structure Break 1:52

LXC Strukturbruch EP