Core EP 2

Various Artists

Core EP 2

PNR 002

Well, ... It is finally out! This record also needed more time to come out, because of several problems in 2000 ...
First it was planned as a 7" with only trax of Bufo Buffo (R.I.P.) and Pestcore on it, but we also wanted to do another *...CORE EP*, so we dicided to put these ideas together, and we think it fits perfect ...
And by the way, it is again limited to 500 copies world wide


A1 Pestcore - Aprilz 2:52
A2 Pestcore - Neuoize 2:07
A3 Bufo Buffo B! 1:04
A4 Bufo Buffo Konz1 3:48
A5 Bufo Buffo Sampl0001 0:45
A6 Skelton 93 & aleXdee - Give Us 3 Min 2:26
B1 Worlds Ab-art Do You Like To Scream 0:57
B2 aleXdee - Rush 4:55
B3 aleXdee - There Is Nothing To Laugh 3:48
B4 Hagbard Celine Another Track... 0:35

VA Core EP 2