Core EP 1

Various Artists

Core EP 1

PNR 001

This record really needed some time coming out but finally it was worth the trouble.

Track A1 was previously released on TRASH TAPES 10 in the same version but in a rather bad recording. INAPTs one was also released before, on TRASH TAPES 11 his solo full length. The last smasher on side A is by SKELTON 93 and was never released before. *SUICIDE PART 666* the first track on side B was previously released on the fourth aleXdee full length tape TRASH TAPES 14.
PHANTOMNOISE 001 ends with WORLDS AB-ART and SKELTON 93 together...and this is something special...


A1 Skelton 93 + aleXdee Eindringen 5:23
A2 Inapt French Kiss 3:24
A3 Skelton 93 Against Senseless Names Pt 2 3:36
B1 aleXdee Suicide Pt. 666 6:10
B2 Worlds Ab-art + Skelton 93 Something Special Pt. 1 6:13

VA - Core EP 1